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Our Solutions

Our state of the art vending machines are fully equipped to serve on-demand filtered ice and water, directly to your customers and visitors. Our machines are ready to serve 10 lbs of ice, directly into a cooler or a provided bag, or 5 gallons of fresh water! 

Since we are able to offer ice and water directly into customer provided coolers and jugs, we are able to substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste that enters our great waterways and parks. We estimate that 70% of our customers will choose our bulk ice option which dispenses 10 lbs. of ice directly into their cooler, therefore fully eliminating an estimated 16,000 plastic bags per machine from entering our waterways or parks. In addition, our machines dispense purified, filtered water that is perfect for large jugs of water, saving 8 plastic bottles per gallon dispensed!

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Our Products

We currently offer four varies output options to meet your location's needs! After a utilization study has been preformed on your location, we will make a recommendation on the size unit needed. Unlike other ice vending machines on the market, Pelagic Ice & Water vending machines are engineered for cleaner and longer lasting ice. This means longer days on the water and more fun at the beach. 

All of our vending machines come fully equipped with credit card readers, self assist bags, and are fully operational with no employee, meaning we can serve your customers 24/7!

With minimal site requirements need per machine, we can offer flexibility to place our machines in the best location for your customers.




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How it works

Partnering with Pelagic Ice & Water is as easy as 1,2,3!

In most cases, Pelagic Ice & Water will provide site preparation, the vending machines needed, as well as the operation and maintenance of the machines. This means there are NO costly fees or maintenance plans for you to worry about! Just the added benefit of providing your customers the convenience of fresh ice and water, plus you are helping reduce our plastic waste!

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Lets Kick Plastic!

Each year, millions of plastic bottles and pounds of plastic waste enter our beloved waterways and parks, killing millions plants and wildlife. This is not sustainable and we need to enact! Pelagic Ice & Water aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste that enters our environment. 

By eliminating bagged ice and bottles of water, we are able to significantly reducing the amount of plastic waste used in our parks and waterways. 

Are you ready to help us kick plastic and give back to our environment?!

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